Foxborough – N gauge, 50’s & 60’s

Foxborough is the SilverFox DCC MRC N gauge layout; based on 1950’s – 1960’s British outline.

The layout is 14ft 6 in. by 8ft in the shape of a shallow inverted “U”.

The double mainline runs across the upper scenic section; with access either end to the lower fiddle yard; which is 14 inches below the scenic upper section.

We access the extensive fourteen line lower fiddle yard; via “two” multi-turn, nine layer double track helix – the helix’ are at opposite ends of the layout!

Foxborough has an NCE Power Cab DCC system at the heart of it’s control; with multiple facia panels to allow different operator control positions.

Point operation on the scenic boards is by servos, driven from Tam Valley “Octopus” boards. These are controlled by push-buttons on a mimic control panel, which features LED indicators to show point status. The majority of the points are accompanied by working colour-light signals (from CR Signals).

Here are a few images of Foxborough: (Each caption is for the image below)

Here we have a nine turn double track helix – just imagine how much Peco N-gauge track has gone into this helix; and we have two of them! They are a feat of model engineering in their own right.

A view across the main station on the upper scenic section. As you can see there is a lot of detail in the completed scenic work; and is usual for a club layout we still have “work in progress”.

This image below looks across the main station in the opposite direction; in the distance (top of the image) is the village of Foxfields.

In addition to the main through running lines and avoiding line; the branch line originating at the main station bay platforms, runs up to the terminus station at Foxfields. This single line passes over a working level crossing, which provides road access to a loading bank on which a number of small industrial units are sited. This provides the opportunity for shunting activity for additional operational interest.

Work outstanding on Foxborough:

• Scenic work on the centre board, to incorporate a combination of residential and industrial areas, the latter served by rail sidings.

• Completion of Foxfields village on the left-hand scenic board.

• Planning and scenic treatment on the right-hand scenic board.

Much to be done…..

The railway modelling adage: “layouts are never finished!”